Your winter wellness cure: Glutathione

Your winter wellness cure: Glutathione

November 30, 2021 Blog, Skin Treatments Comments Off on Your winter wellness cure: Glutathione

Your winter wellness cure: Glutathione

There are a multitude of different ingredients that go into making (most) skincare products and IV drips. Our favourite? Glutathione aka “the master antioxidant!”

Glutathione is an antioxidant largely composed of three amino acids: Glutamine, Glycine and Cysteine, and can be found in plants, fungi, bacteria and more importantly, almost every cell in our bodies.

Glutathione has tons of wellness benefits and works great on skin. Its purposes are: to reduce cell damage, oxidative stress and even improve skin elasticity. Most people swear by its anti-aging benefits and research proposes its effectiveness is daunting, claiming that Glutathione might even help against Parkinson’s and different types of cancers. 

Considering the glutathione within our bodies decreases with age, this antioxidant facilitates excretion from cells and works to cleanse them and is typically associated with health and longevity of life. 

Glutathione can also be found in certain foods, like fruits, veggies and meats. Adding glutathione to your diet today might help treat certain health conditions and increase your immune response as a whole.  

As we near colder months and longer days, glutathione will help combat fatigue and metabolize toxins within the body; your saving grace this winter!

Here at Skin Studio, we’ve incorporated Glutathione into our popular skin brightening/anti-aging IV drip in hopes of rejuvenating and brightening one’s face. You can also purchase AlumierMD products on your next visit which include various doses of glutathione!

AlumierMD’s Ultimate Boost Serum, Alumineye and Sheer Hydration Sunscreen (SPF 40)  all contain glutathione to help combat fine lines and protect your skin!    

Still have questions? Contact us via  today for a free skin care consultation and let us help you discover your best skin!

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