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Rosacea – What is it, and how do I treat it?

April 30, 2021 Skin Treatments Comments Off on Rosacea – What is it, and how do I treat it?


Rosacea is a fairly common chronic skin condition (that can be passed through genetics!) which
affects the blood vessels of the skin. What exactly does it look like? The beginning stages of
rosacea might look like sensitivity in the cheeks, nose or chin, with feelings of warmth
throughout. People suffering from rosacea may also experience visible dilated capillaries and/or
papules and pustules sometimes being confused with acne.

Rosacea symptoms can be triggered by some (or all!) of the following:
– Heat/Cold
– Stress
– Wind
– Alcohol
– Exercise
– Spicy Food
– Caffeine levels

Sadly, rosacea is a chronic condition, yet there are ways to treat the symptoms so that they’re
manageable and oftentimes, barely noticeable.

Sometimes, your doctor might prescribe oral or topical treatments which work to reduce redness
over a short period of time.

Light-based therapies such as IPL work extremely well in managing rosacea and can
significantly reduce the appearance of enlarged blood vessels.

Although an obvious option, the daily application of sunscreen will help to block any harsh rays
from the sun, which would typically make the rosacea worse. Look for sunscreens containing
zinc oxide for added protection and relief.

For starters, using Vitamin C a well known anti-inflammatory, is a great way to strengthen
capillaries and reduce redness. Be mindful of the products you’re applying to your face and
keep to a routine. Scent-free products are less likely to irritate the skin; just get to know what
works best for you.

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