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Myers Cocktail

August 15, 2021 Blog Comments Off on Myers Cocktail

If you’ve read our last blog, you’re well aware of the multitude of different IV drips that we offer here at Skin Studio. The main ingredient in most of them? The Myers Cocktail. And before you ask, no, you can’t drink it. 

What exactly is The Myers Cocktail? Simply put, it’s an intravenous infusion of different nutrients and vitamins. Named after the late John Myers, the IV introduces B vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and more to the body, which offer tons of health benefits and are commonly used to treat symptoms of the following: asthma, acute muscle spasms, chronic fatigue and even migraines. Another benefit? This IV can also give you a boost of energy, leaving you feeling restored and renewed! 

How does the treatment work? The Myers Cocktail is a 60-minute procedure believed to be more effective than taking regular vitamins because it works to increase the blood concentration of these vitamins and minerals beyond which could be achieved by ingesting them orally. The treatment is practically painless with zero to minimal side effects; soreness of the arm at the injection site as well as feelings of heat (caused by the magnesium) are the most common side effects and won’t last very long at all. 

There are tons of benefits to The Myers Cocktail, especially going back into fall and winter (aka flu season!) Here are reasons you might benefit from this injection:

B Vitamins- B Vitamins are where your energy comes from. They work to produce energy, break down fats and keep everything healthy and flowing through your body. You’ll definitely be looking for a boost of these if you’re in a slump, or feeling burnt out. 

Vitamin C-  There are tons of ways to get a good dose of vitamin C, but this one is definitely the quickest! Not only will it help clear up your skin, but it helps your immune system in ways you couldn’t even imagine. Thanks to Vitamin C, you’ll be more prepared to kiss this winter cold goodbye! 

Calcium- Sure, you could drink a glass of milk, but what fun is that? Calcium aids in preventing osteoperosis and helps bone health, but it also helps control blood pressure and prevent longterm health problems. 

Magnesium – Many people don’t understand the importance of fuelling your body with magnesium. Magnesium works to aid in calcium absorption and contributes to your overall bone health. Magnesium is also said to decrease risk of developing diabetes and aid with migraines and anxiety, as well as heart health.  

Now that you know a little bit more about The Myers Cocktail, give us a call or swing by our studio for a free consultation! We promise you’ll enjoy it! (maybe even more than your average cocktail) 


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