Laser Hair Removal - Essentials To Know Before You Get It Done

Laser Hair Removal – Essentials To Know Before You Get It Done

January 03, 2021 Blog, Laser Hair Removal Comments Off on Laser Hair Removal – Essentials To Know Before You Get It Done

Laser Hair Removal

I think we can all agree that there is no better feeling than that of flawlessly smooth legs. Whether you are hitting the beach or spending the night out with friends, silky smooth legs are a must-have accessory. Unfortunately, to achieve this look, that means spending hours waxing and shaving.

Now imagine: What if you didn’t have to worry about constantly maintaining your leg hair or bikini line? What if I told you that visualization could become a reality? 

Laser-hair removal: This long-term treatment lessens the need for boring waxing and shaving, and it is more affordable than you might think.

Before you try it however, it’s important to have a solid understanding of what laser hair removal is and how it works. Doing so will provide you with a more rewarding and successful experience. Here at Skin Studio, we’ve put together the list of essential tips and tricks, along with health concerns, that you might wish to mull over if laser hair removal is next on your list for skin maintenance.  

  • Laser Hair Removal is quick and comparatively pain-free

Based on the size of the area you are treating, most sessions last from just a few minutes to an hour. The discomfort felt from the laser ranges individually as some areas are more sensitive to treat. These areas include the bikini area and armpits. Our Diolaze XL by Inmode has one of the largest spot sizes, meaning it covers a larger area with each pass. This allows the procedure to be performed much quicker than other lasers thus reducing the time spent with any discomfort. The Diolaze also has an ice-cold tip which makes contact with the skin, again reducing pain.

  • Do not expect complete permanent hair removal 

Although some have deemed laser hair removal as “permanent hair reduction”, re-growth can and does take place. The newer hairs that grow in are usually sporadic and finer than the previous hair, making them harder to detect visually. For many people, this makes the treatment well worthwhile as the need to fully shave any one area is eliminated. Over time you may notice an increase in the amount of hair returning. This is when we recommend our clients return for a “maintenance treatment” which will again reduce the hair growth.

  • Check your medications

A few medications, specifically those which cause photosensitivity can make your skin more vulnerable to the laser beam, which in turn can cause pigment abnormalities or burns. Be certain to review all medications you are taking with your laser hair removal provider before your first appointment to assure safety throughout the procedure.

  • Not all hair can be lasered

Unfortunately, because lasers work by picking up the pigment in the hair, not all hair can be identified by the laser. Lighter hair colours such as gray, red, or blonde may not contain an adequate amount of pigment to be detected and, subsequently, targeted. Best results are seen on those with darker hair and more fair skin. However, our Diolaze is able to treat even the darkest of skin types. Please keep in mind those with a darker skin tone can expect a greater number of treatments to achieve best results.

  • You’ll require more than just a single session of Laser Hair Removal 

The best time to hit the follicles with the laser is during an active growth phase, which means that laser hair removal takes multiple sessions. These sessions take place just once, approximately every six weeks. Keep in mind that not all hairs will be in that active stage all at once, and so the average person needs six treatments to experience the most favourable results. 

  • Keep away from waxing or tweezing before the appointment

Again, the laser aims at the pigment in the hair. The most excellent pigment source is the hair follicle-with that being said, in order to perform the procedure, the follicle needs to be present. Keep away from waxing, tweezing, sugaring and any other form of hair removal, with the exclusion of shaving, for at least two weeks before the appointment and in between each session. 

If you are looking for a procedure that can free you from messy wax or razors, laser hair removal is definitely the right option for you! In the end, you’ll walk away from this easy treatment with longer-lasting smoothness, both saving time in your daily routine while avoiding pesky razor burns. 

So what do you say? Are you ready to kiss your razor goodbye? If so, schedule your professional skincare consultations in Toronto with Skin Studio and find out how laser hair removal can get you beach-ready in no time. Book an appointment at or call us at 416-804-7256 today to know more!

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