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Five tips to maintain hydrated skin this winter

January 30, 2022 Blog, Skin Treatments Comments Off on Five tips to maintain hydrated skin this winter

Five tips to maintain hydrated skin this winter

During the winter months, it’s extremely important to make sure you give your skin the TLC it deserves. Not only that, but the seasonal struggle can get worse with age, and we don’t want your skin to be compromised along the way!

There are a couple things you can do to make sure your skin stays protected and hydrated during the coldest of days:

Apply retinol less often

While retinol should only be used sparingly, it’s typically better to start using it in the summer. During the warmer months, your skin is naturally more moisturized (this is due to the humidity), making it the perfect time to apply your actives, like retinol and AHA. However, during the winter, when your skin is already dry and irritated, retinol can lead to more cons than pros. By reducing the frequency of retinol from your nightly routine, it’ll keep your skin from acting up.

Invest in a humidifier

A humidifier is always good to have, especially when it gets colder. By keeping one in the bedroom, it will combat the dry air caused by lower temperatures and heating. As humidifiers add moisture to the air, they can be particularly helpful in alleviating dryness of the skin, throat, nose and lips. 

Apply a hydrating moisturizer and/or hydrating serum 

While a hydrating moisturizer is important, timing is key. Studies have shown that moisturizing directly after bathing can cause significant improvements when it comes to locking in your skin’s moisture. Creams that contain ceremides are also helpful in repairing skin breakage and healing cracks. If you’re feeling really fancy, add in a hydrating serum. Our recommendation? Alumier Ultimate Boost Serum.  

Continue wearing SPF 

This one should be a no-brainer, but continue applying SPF throughout the entirety of the winter. Believe it or not, UV rays can still cause damage, and you might find that your skin is more compromised and susceptible to the sun in the winter. Of course, any face sunscreen with a high SPF will work — lip balm with SPF will add an additional layer of protection — but we recommend the Sheer Hydration Broad Spectrum SPF 40 by Alumier.  

Drink up! 

The simplest of all tips should be to drink more water. By doing so, you’re keeping up with your immune system, giving your body the support to fight off any infections while working to keep your skin clear. If you aren’t sweating (like you are during the summer months) it might be harder to remember to drink an adequate amount of water. Here’s a list of hydration apps that actually help you track your daily intake — you won’t regret giving them a try.  


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